Over half of Koreans say they won't continue jesa: survey[Bills in Focus] Fighting trade theft, reinforcing depositor protection尹 “연금안 맹탕? 근거·합의 없이 숫자로만 결론 낼 수 없다”"식량만 달라" NLL 표류하던 北선박, 어젯밤 北이 끌고 갔다Hyundai Rotem debuts world's 1st LTECulture minister vows greater scrutiny over arts fundingMost top earners live in or near Seoul: dataNearly 1 in 3 senior pensioners look to employment to make ends meet[Today’s KTaemin of SHINee returns solo with 4th EP ‘Guilty’ Epitaph plaque for wife of first Korean diplomatic minister in US returns to Korea Celltrion wins UNDP tender to supply anticancer treatments to Turkmenistan Kakao Mobility announces plan to overhaul commission system amid monopoly criticism [Herald Review] ‘Zzz’ lulls audience to sleep through onstage performance Jungkook ties record for most Billboard Hot 100 hits as K Director touts Netflix's ‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’ as warm tale for adults In early 2029, Earth will likely breach key warming threshold: scientists [Today’s K Sombre palaces, tombs swathed in fall colors ‘홍범도·양평고속도로’ 야당 쓴소리에 윤 대통령 주로 경청 北 오죽 돈 없으면…유럽서도 방 뺀다, 주스페인 대사관 폐쇄 Floor leader of main opposition party voices disappointment at Yoon's budget speech Halloween weekend sees 65 police calls HDC to spur digital innovation for efficiency, safety [Korea Beyond Korea] From history and K Davichi to return with new single next month N. Korean envoy rejects report on Hamas using N. Korean arms as 'groundless' AmCham reaffirms Korea NK closes embassy in Spain after shutting down 2 missions in Africa Women’s stories continue to resonate with Korean viewers